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5 Roadblocks to DevOps Resulting in its Epic Failure
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DevOps cultural shift is happening rapidly cutting across IT organizations. Due to this most organizations are entering this domain without the slightest inkling of what they are supposed to do or how they are supposed to implement the DevOps best practices. So here we discuss five of the most important pitfalls that enterprises need to be careful of in order to ensure that the DevOps implementation does not go south.

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Having a DevOps Department:

Since DevOps is not a certain tool or technology that can be implemented there is no need to create a separate department for the same. But there are organizations that create a formal DevOps team and department and this goes against the grain of the DevOps principles. DevOps tries to remove the silos but if you create a DevOps team it creates a new silo. All this adds more departments, teams, processes and formalities which in effect DevOps tries to remove in the first place.

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Goals that are Unrealistic:

DevOps is not a magic wand that you can wave and forget about it. It is more of a transformational change that has to happen in an organic way in order to remove the inefficiencies associated with conventional ways of developing and deploying software.

The most important goal of a DevOps project is to get the development and the operations team on the same page so that there has to be heightened collaboration and communication between the two departments thus ensuring better and faster software delivery and deployment.

But sometimes the organizations have grandiose goals which are hard to attain and thus the entire DevOps project goes down the drain. So organizations need to take care that they set achievable goals and then slowly make the goals that are harder to achieve.

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Not Enough Automation Processes:

One of the major factors that ensures that the DevOps processes are successful is definitely automation. Since manual processes are prone to errors and they have a tendency to be extremely time-consuming, DevOps makes it a thumb rule to invest in the automation processes in order to get things done faster and more efficiently.

Some of the various aspects where automation is extensively used include configuration management, automated builds, server provisioning, code deployment and monitoring among other tasks. So there is a need to get the right automation tools in order to do the right tasks and contribute to the success of the DevOps project.

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No Real Cultural Shift towards DevOps:

This is one of the biggest hurdles towards the successful implementation of a DevOps project. Since DevOps is mainly a cultural movement among IT organizations, lack of a cultural shift can be a major roadblock to reaping the benefits of a DevOps project.

So all the stakeholders in the software development, operations, business analyst, quality assurance, information security are expected to be completely involved in the DevOps cultural shift in order to make it a success.

Not Optimizing on the Resources:

DevOps is all about optimizing the resources and employee skill sets in an IT organization. It is a way to bring in increased efficiencies by trying out new ways of doing the same old tasks in order to get better results. It is about new ways of running an IT organization by making the best use of each resource, be it the servers, cloud platform, automatization tools, and most importantly it is about allocating the right work to the right employees with the right skill set. So organizations need to take care that each resource is deployed in the most optimal way for the law of synergy to take over where the whole is always greater than the sum of the parts.

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