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As we make our way through swarms of thin metallic phones, with a half bitten apple gleaming right back at us, one can’t help but ponder upon the factors that iconize, what can be termed as “the least approachable mode of communication ever conceived”. Apple today along with its products is not just for the self-righteous apple fanatic, who still swears by intellectual justice for when Microsoft allegedly crossed Apple, but it has managed to dominate any socially respectable teen, tween, adult and senior citizen out there! So what seems to be the reason?

The truth is that all the features ranging from connectivity to accessibility offered by apple have been matched and superseded by its competitors. For that matter even the idolized retina display has been reduced to quantifiable colors, resolution and a pixel density of mere 326 pixels per inches. With competitors such as HTC offering their flagship models such as HTC: One with superior features and a display with 441 ppi density, which lets face it ,is quite important as it constitutes about 50% of the entire phone and 100% t of user interface platform as cornering gorilla  glass is catching on like wildfire.

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The reason which can be comprehended, with exception to mass consumerist Veblen effect theory, eventually distills unanimously to one factor and one factor alone: The IOS. Even with restrictions on file sharing and Bluetooth connectivity which acts as its own promotional strategy, the users don’t protest due to the quality of operating system. It alone holds the stand against all accusation. With refinements that enable it to utilize the same 1 gb ram and 1.4ghz processor to its optimum potential and result in a lag and crash free user interface, demanding connectivity for sake of sub par software seems borderline sacrilegious.

This phenomenon is not just confined to the users but is also appealing to entrepreneurs. Success stories of go getters, jet setter that made it big with an idea which with a little bit of IOS training resulted in a multimillion dollar application enterprise are not unheard of. Recent projections also show that more and more graduates are undergoing IOS training to chase the same dream and with apple and its influence, it won’t be too long that we will see the Apple car before that of Google.

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