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It was only a couple of years ago, that I was amongst a few brave men who risked their hard earned resources, after conducting hours of compulsive research on a modest but functionally ambitious 512mb ram Smartphone, and although it might seem ancient now, but for me and many others it was our key to social Shangri-La.

So you might be able to comprehend how it affected me, when recently I realized that, the phone which was once my cheap-skate alternative to stand shoulders-to-shoulders with the flagship giant devices, over the last couple of years has now depreciated to 1/3rd its true value. After considerable assessment, the culprit was reviled as the very thing that made it appealing in the first place: Applications.

You see the reason for our transition from sturdy-trusty and dandy, Facebook meme inspiring Nokia 1100’s to, too big to handle galaxy notes was the convenience bestowed by software application or “Apps” as we capitalistically denote them now. These runty rounded rectangles render all functions of our reality. We claim that we use them to stay in touch with each other, but the truth is that we use them as excuses to isolate. After annihilating the not-so Smartphone, of what now seems to be the “social dark ages”, these technical terminators now turn their attention to the very thing that spawned them: Socializing.

Certification in Full Stack Web Development

Today we are entirely dependent on Facebook to provide us with notifications to remember birthdays of those dearest to us; Whatsapp now dictates social interactions and gatherings and dating applications have deprived us of albeit, soul-crushing but nevertheless character-building experience of rejection. We have become so enslaved by the siren call of these vulgarly user-friendly software masterpieces that, we are repulsed at the thought of minor lags or the occasional crash of our pitiful phones, and this embarks the demand for bigger and better.

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Time has turned the table and made human resource expensive, whereas technology is getting cheaper by the day, and here lies the silver lining. Today the fact that you get bombarded with hundreds of application alternatives for a simple search like: javelin browser, PowerAMP, CAL, WAZE and others, shouts an evident fact. No matter how refined an app can be, to a user there will always be room for improvement. With China’s “Nice” application taking away $36 million in investment, as an Instagram alternative and India being the world largest universal language proficient liberal human resource pool, there is a potential of monumental proportions, that with a little mobile development training we can capitalize on application market.

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