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AI in Cybersecurity
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Machine Learning and AI-based Cyber Security tools have helped professionals in Information Security and other sectors of Cyber Security. These tools have allowed Cyber Security experts to minimize breach risk and also make improvements in the company’s security when it comes to protecting data and networks. They assist in analyzing numerous events within a short span of time and help to identify the various threats.

In this blog on Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security, we will discuss the following:

To learn in detail about AI, you should watch this video tutorial:

Before getting into the details of Cyber Security using AI, let us briefly learn what AI and Cyber Security exactly are.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is a broad branch in the field of IT and computer science. This trending technology helps in developing smart systems with human-like capabilities such that they can perform various tasks that earlier needed human interference and intelligence. AI uses numerous technologies, such as Machine Learning (ML), Deep Learning, Neural Networking, Natural Language Processing (NLP), etc., in order to build machines that have the ability to learn on their own and mimic human actions to perform various tasks.

Basics of AI

AI-based technologies are those that are capable of learning, understanding, and acting as per the information acquired. AI majorly works in the following ways:

Assisted Intelligence

This is the most common method used today that helps to improve the measures that companies and individuals are doing already.

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Augmented Intelligence

This is an emerging method of AI that allows organizations to do things that earlier seemed impossible.

Autonomous Intelligence

This is relatively a new AI sector that is still being researched and will gain popularity in the upcoming future. This will make it possible to build machines that are capable of acting on their own, such as self-driving automobiles.

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Subsets of AI

Artificial Intelligence is a superset of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Neural Networks, and expert systems. Let’s learn in detail about them and how they help in developing smart AI systems.

Machine Learning

It makes use of various statistical methods that give systems the ability to learn on their own using the data without being explicitly programmed to do so.

Deep Learning

This is a broad domain that plays a significant role in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It is mainly based on data representations that allow professionals to build a wide range of applications for medical diagnoses, scan analyses, etc.

Neural Networking

It is a biologically-based paradigm that allows systems to learn and understand using observational data. In this sector, every node assigns the respective weight to its input based on its correctness or incorrectness related to the tasks that are being performed. The final result is the summation of these weights.

Expert Systems

These are nothing but programs that aim to solve specific domain-related problems. They solve business problems by mimicking human intelligence and making decisions on the basis of certain rules.

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What is Cyber Security?

With more and more data getting transferred to online resources and databases, it has become easier for hackers and cybercriminals to gain illegal access, exploit, and leak this data. The main goal of Cyber Security is to defend servers, computers, networks, mobile devices, and crucial information stored online from various threats and malicious activities. Cyber attacks can be in the form of trojans, viruses, data breaches, phishing attacks, and other similar acts that make the system vulnerable and prone to attacks. This is why it is important to protect them from such threats with the help of various Cybersecurity methods and techniques.

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Now that you have gotten a decent idea of what these technologies are and how they are useful in the current digital world, let us read in detail about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

Challenges Faced by Cyber Security

Even though there are numerous advancements made in the field of Cyber Security, attacks and threats have become more difficult and dangerous to deal with. Some of the challenges that Cyber Security faces despite these advancements are mentioned below:

Hunting threats manually

It can be difficult, time-taking, and expensive to find the threats that can make the system and data vulnerable, allowing an increased amount of attacks to go unnoticed.

Geographically distant systems

Increase in geographical distance makes it more difficult to track incidents manually. To monitor the various incidents across multiple regions, it is vital that Cyber Security professionals overcome these infrastructure differences.

Changed and hidden IP addresses of hackers

Most hackers make use of proxy servers, virtual private networks (VPNs), etc., which helps them go undetected and makes it difficult for Cyber Security experts to find them.

Career Transition

Cyber Security’s reactive nature

Cybersecurity allows organizations to fix vulnerabilities only once they have been tampered with and attacked by hackers. However, it is challenging for them to predict these attacks before they occur.

There are many similar problems that are faced today due to the limitations of Cyber Security. By integrating AI in Cyber Security.

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AI with Cyber Security

By now, you must be wondering ‘What is Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security?’ Let us first understand this concept and then get an idea of how we can implement it in real life.

Artificial Intelligence helps professionals solve various problems, including a few in the Cybersecurity domain. With the latest methods and techniques of cyber-attacks and malicious activities, AI and Machine Learning can help companies keep up with the hackers and keep their networks, systems, and data security through automated threat detection, faster response to threats than primitive approaches driven by software, etc.

With the help of AI-based Cybersecurity systems, professionals will be able to overcome the numerous challenges that were difficult to solve with only the use of Cybersecurity. The various technologies train self-learning machines to gather data on their own regularly from the company’s systems, analyze this data, and find patterns across relevant signals to gain insight into the system defenses and possible attacks.

Now, let’s briefly discuss how Artificial Intelligence improves Cyber Security.

Use of Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and threat intelligence in combination with Cyber Security allow systems to identify data patterns to allow the company’s security system to understand and learn from past experiences, including system breaches and other forms of cyber threats. Moreover, these technologies help in reducing the time taken for incident response.

With AI-based systems, Cyber Security can improve in a diverse range of activities, including the ones mentioned below:

Effectiveness of Controls

It is crucial to realize the impact that can be made by the various security processes and AI tools that are running in the company to build and manage a strong security wall. With AI, it is possible to gain insight into where the vulnerabilities in these tools and programs lie and where they have their strengths.

Threat Exposure

Like all of us, even Hackers follow the latest trends and techniques when it comes to hacking. This is why their attacking methods change regularly as per the trends. With the help of AI-based cyber systems, companies will be able to gain knowledge of the various global cyber threats and attacks that will enable them to make significant decisions, not only based on the threat that could possibly attack the organization, but also on the basis of which threats can more likely attack the organization.

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IT Asset Inventory

This makes it possible to gain an accurate and complete inventory of the users, devices, and applications, irrespective of access to the information systems.

Prediction of Breach Risks

It accounts for threat exposure, IT asset inventory, and controls effectiveness. AI-based systems make it possible for companies to interpret where and how they will be attacked, allowing them to plan their tool and resource allocation in regions of vulnerability.

Incident Response

AI-based systems are capable of offering improved context for responding and prioritizing security alerts, responding fast to incidents, and finding the main cause and issues to fix vulnerabilities and prevent future problems.

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Improve Cyber Security Using Artificial Intelligence

AI and Cyber Security are among the most in-demand IT domains in the world and professionals in these fields are largely recruited all around the world. In this blog, you have briefly learned about the two technologies, the various challenges faced by Cyber Security even with the numerous tools and technologies available, and how you can integrate AI to improve Cyber Security and overcome these challenges. So, learn AI and Cyber Security to make advancements in the organization and protect the systems and data from all possible hacks and attacks.

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