Nikhil’s Success Story

Nikhil’s journey with Intellipaat is the story of one of the most inspiring career transitions. In this blog, we will outline the unique experience of Nikhil to his eventual success and how Intellipaat helped him achieve that.

In this interview we will discuss the following:

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Career Transition Story

With Intellipaat, I was able to kickstart my career after 4 years and also managed to secure a job with a 400% salary hike.  I was also able to land 2 job offers with companies like Quinix and Ciber global. With Intellipaat, I was able to kickstart my career after 4 years and also managed to secure a job with a 400% salary hike.

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Journey With Intellipaat

Due to unfortunate circumstances, I had to take a career gap of 4 years after my graduation and barely one year of experience in IT. I came to the realization that for me to kickstart my career again I have to start from scratch and I chose Google Cloud Platform to expertise and upskill with. It is a developing product and is yet to reach its maturity and my aim was to develop with the product.

The Primary factors that were helpful for me at Intellipaat were the Video Content, the insightful lectures, and the flexibility of the course.

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I felt a sense of security with Intellipaat that I will definitely find a job. I was a Junior Cloud Engineer for GCP, thanks to Intellipaat, I have been promoted to a Senior Cloud DevOps Engineer role. I would be glad to share my story to inspire my peers and aspirants who want to start or excel at a career in GCP cloud. In my experience, Intellipaat would be the place to start with.

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