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Introduction to Information System Security:

The Enterprise information security system focuses on the entire system’s security on the whole enterprise system. It is associated with security systems with the primary purpose of aligning the business strategy and IT security. Strong enterprise architecture helps to answer basic questions like –

  • What is the IT security risk of the company?
  • Does the current architecture support and add value to the enterprise?
  • How to add more value by modifying the security?
  • Any support or hindrance to the future accomplice of the organization.

The goals of Enterprise information systems are to provide structure, coherence, and cohesiveness, to enable alignment between business and security, and models tracing back to business strategy.

Security, functionality, usability triangle:

Any balance Information System will have a perfect balance between security, functionality, and usability. There is always an Interdependability between these three attributes, also a trade-off between these three is necessary to maintain the balance.

There is always a trade-off when it comes to security and usability. This trade-off is the most common cause in the real world, this can cause friction between users and those agents who protect security.

Information Security Management System

The set of guiding procedures and policies targeted at managing the security of organizational information and data is known as the “Information Security Management System”. An ISMS oversees employee behavior, processes, data, and technology of the organization. It aims at minimizing security breaches and risks associated with sensitive information. 

ISMS’s have become an important part of the companies’ security management strategy. ISO 27001 pertains to the specifications and set for developing an ISMS. Even though it does not contain any mandatory actionable, it does provide suggestions.

What is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional?

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is one of the most prominent certifications in the Cyber Security domain offered by the (ISC)2. If a  professional is certified with CISSP, it means that he/she is experienced and proficient in effectively managing, safeguarding, and designing an organization’s cyber security. 

To qualify for the CISSP Certification, the candidate must have proven experience of 5 years in security or 4 years of experience in addition to a full-fledged security-related university or college degree.

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