Artificial Intelligence :

In the today’s world, there is lot of buzz about artificial intelligence. Do you want to know what exactly it is? So let’s begin!

Have you ever thought from where we get the recommendation on Facebook or how does on our way google maps recommends us a faster and alternative route and save our time from heavy traffic conditions? And what about when we are out from home and ask Alexa to control Lighting, AC, Blinds, and Fans.

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AI creates a higher degree of efficiency and productivity by automation techniques on the repetitive tasks and it creates an immersive and responsive experience to under human sentiments and even emotions. Artificial Intelligence, the backbone of the next generation software solutions and it is not programmed with all the possible answers but uses what it has learned to create new situations and answers. It is not about building a robot but it is creating a computer which can think like human.

Here we don’t have to constantly inputs traffic condition and manually search for traffic conditions when you approach to work. Or we don’t have to teach Alexa how to understand our speech pattern. And we don’t have to map every single road rules and driving scenario for self-driving car to know how to drive.

Artificial Intelligence is design to learn this type of functions by its own. We don’t need to continually input information to order to make them function we want.

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So, how does Artificial Intelligence actually do this?

Here we teach machine the mathematical algorithm, the code that helps the computer to learn patterns in data. Now, as a society we are in era of data because of the technology which we are using like our computer, tablets and mobile phone. All these devices are equipped with sensors that produce information that companies can use in their Artificial Intelligence. It helps Artificial Intelligence to learn and make decisions by its own like we do.

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Let’s dive into machine learning.
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Machine learning Basics :

Machine learning is a subset of AI that enables the ability of machines to perform at ease, where they can learn and develop from the past without being constantly trained. It is mainly used to develop computer programs that get data by themselves and use it for learning purposes. There are two types of machine learning

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
Supervised learning Unsupervised learning
We already have a subset or column to define that target. In unsupervised learning we don’t have a target.
Classes- Regression, Classification Classes – Clustering, Dimensionality reduction.
We train the dataset according to the target variable to predict it. Training is based on previous learning, not any target variable.
Grouping and clustering is done according to the target to be achieved. We perform grouping and clustering in this unsupervised learning.
Used in image, speech recognition and forecasting. Used to pre-process the data, pre-train supervised learning algorithms.
Eg. For predicting salary. We predict it based on age, expenditure, experience also based on other salary dataset. Eg. Performing a behavior analysis as an experiment to predict them.

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