Project Portfolio Management:

It is the main management process of all the deals and technologies taken cared by the project managers and chief information officers of any IT enterprise to analyze the projects done depending on different factors like IT budget, project completion time, etc.

Why Do We Need TOGAF as a Framework For Enterprise Architecture?

We need TOGAF as a framework for enterprise IT architecture for performing the following tasks:
• IT Audit:

Since we have seen that the IT industry is already flooded with a large number of enterprises, so investigating the functioning and performances of the enterprises is a must which is called as the IT Audit. This is generally done by the COBIT in the IT world.

• IT Security:

Any enterprise consists of large amounts of data they work with. Planning, managing , and running of the enterprise always have to be secured because outsiders may be harmful to the enterprise’s work. The security of the enterprises in the IT worlds is taken care of security executives headed by a chief information officer.

• Provider Management:

In the IT industry, there are IT companies that do outsourcing of their work. Most of the enterprises outsource almost every work of them except the internal management work. The internal process is usually questioned by the CIO in the enterprise IT architect. The proper coordination and management process should take place and this is assured by the Provider management to the CIO’s office.4

Work For Enterprise IT Architecture

The complete work procedure of the Enterprise IT Architecture can be divided into 3 parts. They are:

• Strategic Tasks:
The CIO grows the IT strategy, and this is assisted by the Enterprise IT Architects. The foundation requirement for the strategic planning is given by the IT portfolio. Keeping in mind the objective of the IT enterprise, the strategy task plans the entire enterprise operation. This is done by modifying the present tasks with a view to achieving the proper predetermined goal helped by a planned roadmap.

Enterprise IT Architecture - Togaf

• Operational Tasks:

Once the strategy is planned, the strategy has to be applied to the everyday task of the enterprise. The daily tasks which run the enterprise fall under the operational tasks. The governance will take care of these operational works. During the governing of the operational tasks, always focus on the toughest tasks more than the easier ones. Once you overcome with the tough ones, the operation of the remaining takes lesser time. Proper running of the enterprise completely depends on the smooth governing of the operational tasks.

• Basic Tasks:

In order to have a marketing IT strategy and to have a successful IT operation, governance, all that you need to have is a strong base. The basic tasks of any enterprise withstand the other advanced tasks. In order to avoid further complications, the proper running of the basic tasks has to be taken care.

 The enterprise IT architecture tells us about the structure and operation of any IT organization.

The main objective of the enterprise architecture of any organization is the amount of effectiveness an organization has in order to obtain its present and future goals. Hence, for proper running of the enterprise, we need its planned architecture. The pragmatic access path tells us about the various ways one can access to the enterprise structure.

The IT-Architecture approach has come out from the IT systems architecture. This system architects are responsible for a part or the entire background and are continually under effort for enhancing the system architect’s method for utilizing them in the enterprise ranking.

The Academic Approach at its very initial, questions about the base architecture of the enterprise. Once it is done, this academic approach looks for ways in which the enterprise can be figured and structured. Planning and then building up meta-models and their development all comes from the academic approach. The concepts of these approaches allow the architects to determine the structure of any enterprise from A to Z. By going through the Pragmatic Business Approach to Enterprise IT Architecture, you will get a clear idea of the services that the latest version of TOGAF i.e. TOGAF 9.1 supports.

The Pragmatic Business Approach to Enterprise IT Architecture

The resources of the IT enterprise are mostly pampered by this approach. It lets us know how we can get the most of the IT resources for our enterprise.  Another name for this approach is called as the IT approach or the Business Alignment Approach. It is not a very strict task. Its responsibilities increase with the ripeness of the enterprise. The more the enterprise develops, the more it becomes enlarged.

IT Business Alignment

There are predetermined sets of works for enhancing the IT resources in any enterprise. And these jobs are taken care by the Chief Information Officer’s office. The height to which this approach is being applied in real time completely depends on the significance of the manufacturing features of the particular enterprise.

• Enterprises often seem to own a complicated chief information officer’s office, which manufactures certain, but does not connect themselves to IT.

• But another business which works on the IT budget has got a proper CIO office. The work in the CIO office is seen in the figure mentioned below.

IT Strategy: 

The description of the planning and running of the resources of IT belonging to a certain enterprise in the IT industry falls under a strategy called as the IT Strategy.

IT Strategy Togaf

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