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Cloudera Data Science Certification

Data Science Certification

‘Data Scientist’ is one of the grooviest job titles to have right now. Challenging and top-paid, the job of a data scientist is new to the industry but gained a tremendous momentum in the recent years. As a large number of organizations in all disciplines are embracing the potentiality of analytics, demand for data scientists has flared up the current job market.

With large amounts of data generated each day, most multinational and startup companies are constantly looking for professionals skilled in Data Science skills. The job opportunities are exploding so much so that the number of open positions is far more than the qualified candidates. This requires job aspirants to gain a professional-level approach to solving problems related to big data- working with big data on an elite level.

Besides required skills and expertise, employers aim for hiring certified professionals, adding credibility to their workforce and operations. Data Scientist Certification gives you the benefit of getting identified by top companies and approached for high-ranking job profiles.

Career Benefits of Getting Certified

The mission of data scientists and analysts is to decipher valuable information from large volumes of data in order to stimulate business decisions and prompt a competitive dominance. Indeed, a certification gives you an extra edge over the entire talented pool, assuring that you possess the real-time competence to perform operation in a faster, smarter and optimized manner.

The certification helps learners and professionals in many ways:

  • Getting identified in the first place by your dream companies and also the budding startups in all sectors.
  • Staying up-to-date with the current trends and emerging techniques of handling raw data, drawing conclusions and instantiating solutionsat scale for customers and clients.
  • Applicants hold a higher value in the job market and can compensate for jobs on their terms of salary, location and appraisals, regardless of their work experience and job responsibilities.
  • Nothing better can an organization think if their employees generate revenue and show positive results from day 1. Having a certification will give a surety to companies that the job applicants are productive so much so that they do not require any further training on related subjects.
  • Certified professionals get access to resources and perks reserved for leaders in Big Data field.

Who is Eligible?

For adding Data Science Certification to career profile, it is imperative to pass the certification exam with a distinction score as decided by the concerned company and institute. To appear in the exam, individuals should have hand-on experience on Big Data tools, extensive knowledge on data science topics and ability to solve real-time problems. 

Cloudera Certification Program for Data Science (CCP: DS)

Renowned and revered, a Cloudera Certification is accredited all across the globe and considered o high importance. Until now, CCP: Data Scientists have provedexcellent skills working with Big Data. The candidates applying for the certification must demonstrate their capabilities on a live cluster with real dataset and possess significant skills on statistics and programming.

Required Exams

  • DS700 – Descriptive and Inferential Statistics on Big Data
  • DS701 – Advanced Analytical Techniques on Big Data
  • DS702 – Machine Learning at Scale

Intellipaat Courses

At Intellipaat, learners can find a variety of Data Science and related courses  inclusive of many combo courses imparting training on data science, R programming, Mahout and other technologies in one training. All these courses provide in-depth subject knowledge from Industry Expert Trainers, including 70% of training through hands-on exercises, assignments and project work. The courses prepare learners for CCP: DS

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