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Cloudera Hadoop Training: The Industry Leader

Since the advent of computers, there has always been a large amount of data that has been used. In today’s high tech society, that data, the storage and availability along with the analytics of that data has become increasingly difficult.  With unstructured and structured data sets, being able to receive, access, analyze and respond to data in a relevant and timely fashion has become an expectation of industries worldwide. Considering a Hadoop platform?  Think of Cloudera Hadoop Training

 Why Cloudera Hadoop

Cloudera was the first to develop the open source software that has become known as Hadoop under the name of Apache Hadoop.  An industry leader, they gained the valuable experience in this area.  While the core Hadoop platform includes MapReduce, HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System) and Hadoop Commons, they also integrate 10 open source projects and Hadoop Training that include:

  • Hbase: A column-oriented database management system, it runs on top of HDFS.
  • Pig: A high level scripting language, it is used with Apache Hadoop
  • MapReduce: A programming paradigm that allows for the massive scalability across hundreds to thousands of servers that are in a Hadoop cluster
  • ZooKeeper: A centralized service that is used in maintaining configuration information, naming that provides distributed synchronization and group services.

Along with many other open source projects integrations, Big data training allows developers, administrators and data analysts to use one software project.

What about Other Companies and those Hadoop Platforms

There are a few other companies that offer a Hadoop data platform, Cloudera, with their addition of Hadoop 2.0 to the CDH4 release, giving them a leg up on the competition.  While Horton works and MapR both offer Hadoop platforms, Cloudera has always been the industry leader.  It is because of this, Cloudera Hadoop Training and certification is also the industry leader.


What Cloudera Hadoop Training Can Do

Because Cloudera is the industry leader, the Hadoop Training is also the industry leader.  Partnering with several companies and educational institutions, their course offerings are readily available.  Whether online or in the class room, the HBase Training programs, course offerings and educational pathways are designed to teach someone almost everything they need to know to develop, administrate or analyze CDH.

What Are Some of the Applications Cloudera Hadoop Training Offers?

Knowing some of the applications that CDH certification and training offers allow a person to accurately compare the various educational and training offered.  For  Training, these include:

  • A 4 Day Developer Training
  • 4 Day Designing and Building Big Data Applications Course
  • 4 Day Administrator Course
  • 3 Day Data Analyst Course
  • 4 Day HBase Course
  • 3 Day Introduction to Data Science Course
  • 1 Day Hadoop Essentials

They even offer a class in Japanese Hadoop training. Students who complete each of these courses also receive a practice test for the certification in that particular course area.

Hadoop open source software projects are allowing enormous amounts of data to be received, accessed, analyzed and time responses through an innovative way.  Through Training, a person or company can easily begin to move data easily.

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