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I am working on an Amazon Linux ec2 machine. When I try to run a Python script inside a virtualenv, I get the following message:

File "/home/sp/Envs/crispor/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/matplotlib/externals/", line 80, in _import_module


ImportError: No module named Tkinter

As I understand Tkinter should have been a part of the Python installation. But somehow it is not. These do not work -

sudo yum install python-tk

sudo yum install tkinter

How do I install Tkinter? Or should I be doing that at all give it should have been a part of the Python installation?

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Put this in your matplotilbrc file:

backend : agg

Also, you can configure it in the code:

import matplotlib

matplotlib.use('agg',warn=False, force=True)

from matplotlib import pyplot as plt

print "Switched to:",matplotlib.get_backend()

Note: This is not necessary for matplotlib >= 3.0.0. According to the MatPlotLib documentation, headless Linux servers will not select a GUI backend.

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