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After reading some Elasticsearch index tuning guides like How to Maximize Elasticsearch Index Performance and elastic's Tune for indexing speed I wanted to take a look at updating the refresh_interval.

We are using AWS Elasticsearch domains (elasticsearch version 6.2). There's no mention of refresh_interval on Cloudformation's doc site AWS::Elasticsearch::Domain

So I wanted to see what the default setting was for AWS Elasticsearch. Using the _settings API doesn't show the refresh_interval.

GET /my_index/_settings

And specifying the refresh_interval doesn't show anything either.

GET /my_index/_settings/index.refresh_interval

Only returns an empty object.


How can I find the current refresh_interval for AWS Elasticsearch?

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To retrieve the default values, you have to add this parameter called include_defaults.

GET /my_index/_settings?include_defaults=true

In response, you will get a defaults section with the default values.

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