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Tableau 8.2 desktop version. We refresh the dashboard every 4 minutes(with AutoIt script to actually execute click and F5), but every around half an hour, it pops up this dialogue requesting a manual activation of bigquery authentication. How could we avoid this issue? We need this refreshing all automatically all the time.

Invalide username or password

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  • You need Tableau Server for that,According to Tableau documentation:

  • Suppose, If you have not published your workbook or data source to a Tableau server, you are not able to embed OAuth credentials to bypass authentication and connect directly to the data. See the next section, OAuth on Tableau Server, and the related topics for information about using embedded OAuth credentials with published workbooks and data sources, If you have Tableau Server. for help on getting Oauth set up, read this article.

  • I used 8.2.0 desktop version. This issue was resolved by upgrading it to 8.2.3 desktop version.

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