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I'm using Tableau 8.3 and I'm trying to find out how to group on each of the values that I find after making a "count of distinct values".

To illustrate the case I have made a fictive dataset that includes 58 rows (buys), 7 different IDs (customers) and 5 different products. Then I have made a count distinct to find out how many of the 5 different products each ID has bought. It looks like this.

ID1 = 4

ID2 = 4

ID3 = 5

ID4 = 4

ID5 = 3

ID6 = 4

ID7 = 2

Now I want to turn the view around and find out how many of the IDs who have bought X different products. It should ultimately look like this.

2 = 1

3 = 1

4 = 4

5 = 1 

I hope to find a solution by posting here! Thank you, 

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  • You need to update to Tableau 9.0 to achieve that (in a fast way).

  • You can create a calculated field named #of products:

{ FIXED [id_customer] : COUNTD([id_product]) }

  • Then you can cross the [# of products] with COUNTD(id_customer) to get what you want.

  • You need to create a new table in a proper format (1 line per customer with the aggregations) and connect to it in older versions of Tableau.

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