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I'm using the example code from the SeleniumHq site - but in debug mode the performance is awful. In release mode, the entire test takes about 6 seconds (including launching and closing IE) In Debug mode it takes 65 seconds?

The sample code is just :


    public void testBrowser()


        // Do something here

        IWebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver();

        //Notice navigation is slightly different than the Java version

        //This is because 'get' is a keyword in C#


        IWebElement query = driver.FindElement(By.Name("q"));


        System.Console.WriteLine("Page title is: " + driver.Title);

        // TODO add wait



I've tried it in ie8 and have the same performance. Firefox is fine - but my clients use IE so I'm stuck with testing against it. Also - I don't have the same issues if I use Selenium RC.

NB - I'm using .Net 4 and the latest version (2.16) of the webDriver.dll (running on a 64bit windows 7 box) 

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For me, the fix was to switch to the 32-bit version of InternetExplorerDriver.exe IEDriverServer can be found here:

Seemingly named IEDriverServer these days, but works fine if you simply rename it to InternetExplorerDriver.exe

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