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I have a dataframe of

date, string, string

I want to select dates before a certain period. I have tried the following with no luck

 data.filter(data("date") < new java.sql.Date(format.parse("2015-03-14").getTime))

I'm getting an error stating the following

org.apache.spark.sql.AnalysisException: resolved attribute(s) date#75 missing from date#72,uid#73,iid#74 in operator !Filter (date#75 < 16508);

As far as I can guess the query is incorrect. Can anyone show me what way the query should be formatted?

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Since spark 1.5, you can do the following:

For lower than :

// do this to filter the data where the date is lesser than 2015-03-14


For greater than :

// do this to filter the data where the date is greater than 2015-03-14


For equality, you can use either equalTo or === :

data.filter(data("date") === lit("2015-03-14"))

If your DataFrame date column is of type StringType, you can convert it using the to_date function :

// do this to filter data where the date is greater than 2015-03-14


You may also filter according to a year using the year function :

// do this to filter the data where year is greater or equal to 2016


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