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I need to store "x" in Item Data.Equipment Requirement.Tariff.0

Item Data is a collection which has a field of type collection "Equipment Requirement" Equipment Requirement is a collection which has a field Tariff and filled with 6 rows.

I am sure that there is no naming errors, but each time i store something in Item Data.Equipment Requirement.Tariff.0 i got and error:

Internal : Could not store calculation result - Field Item Data.Equipment Requirement.Tariff.0 not found

enter image description hereenter image description here

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as i can tell you , Blue Prism's dot notation only has the capability to refer to collection fields, not specific row indices.

I suggest you to use the Utility - Collection Manipulation VBO's Set Collection Field Action:

Business Object: Utility - Collection Manipulation Action: Set Collection Field Inputs: - Row Index: 0 - Collection: Item Data.Equipment Requirement - Field Name: Tariff - Value: "35" Outputs: - Updated Collection: Item Data.Equipment Requirement

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