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I am using Blue Prism in a local installation and I would like to schedule a task. I am not able to do so, since the Session Info of my Runtime Resource (the only one I have, since it is a local installation) has 2 pending processes on it, but I have not any in the Environment part of the Control Room. For more detail, check the attached picture.

When I type in the browser http://localhost:8181/busy the answer is yes. When I type in the browser http://localhost:8181/connections I see this result:

  • OUTBOUND: disabled
  • INBOUND: 2
  • (MyPc)
  • ()

What can I do to kill the 2 pending sessions?

Thanks in advance

enter image description here

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I would suggest you to reboot the pc or open control room, remove all filters (especially the date!) and set one filter for status "pending".

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