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I want to build a PowerBI App similar to Salesforce Reports App for Power BI in the AppSource market place

Salesforce Report appList of Salesforce Reports

  1. It expects the user to provide Salesforce credentials
  2. It fetches all reports (tabular + summary) and lists on the right hand side
  3. The user selects a report and the data corresponding to the report is fetched from Salesforce using a REST API call and a Dataset is created for the Salesforce Report.

I need to build something similar and I don't find the relevant documents. 1. Where do I can view the source code for the above app? Is it open source? 2. Is there any documentation on how to develop similar apps?

The above App is quite different from other Apps in the AppSource marketplace since this is not a content pack nor a solution template as well.

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This app was developed by Microsoft years ago as a Content Pack, it is not open source and there is no documentation for it, beyond this "getting started" page:


I would look at the Solution Template for Salesforce. This is a wizard that spins up an instance of a data extract + SQL DB + Power BI model for you.


The generated components are all "open source" in that you can edit them.

Microsoft's template engine that generates app instances is also "open source", which probably doesn't matter for your scenario. In case it does, you can find it here:


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