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I'm looking for a class in java that has key-value association, but without using hashes. Here is what I'm currently doing:

  1. Add values to a Hashtable.

  2. Get an iterator for the Hashtable.entrySet().

  3. Iterate through all values and:

    1. Get a Map.Entry for the iterator.

    2. Create an object of type Module (a custom class) based on the value.

    3. Add the class to a JPanel.

  4. Show the panel.

The problem with this is that I do not have control over the order that I get the values back, so I cannot display the values in the a given order (without hard-coding the order).

I would use an ArrayList or Vector for this, but later in the code I need to grab the Module object for a given Key, which I can't do with an ArrayList or Vector.

Does anyone know of a free/open-source Java class that will do this, or a way to get values out of a Hashtable based on when they were added?


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