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The Internet of Things has been a recent interest of mine and I'm yet to discover all its nuances. 

But even after researching both of these Intel boards on the internet, I'm still confused as to how the Intel Galileo and the Intel Edison differ from each other. Like I really want to understand their difference in terms of which should be bought or used for what purpose in correspondence to their respective specifications.

I would even appreciate any online material or good reads on them.

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Intel Galileo

Key Features

Type: Single-Board Computer 

CPU: Intel Quark X1000 

Speed: 400 MHz 

OS: Yocto Linux 1.4 

RAM: 512 KB SRAM, 256 MB DRAM upon 8 MB Flash Memory 

Storage : MicroSD (32GB), USB

Other Features

WiFi : mPCIe Slot 

Bluetooth: N/A 

Ethernet: 10/100 MB 

Analog Pins: 12 

Pin Logic: 3V3, 5V

So, if a higher pin logic or more number of analog pins or an Ethernet connection come under your list of requirements, then you should definitely go with the Intel Galileo.

Intel Edison

Key Features

Type: Tiny Board Computer 

CPU: IntelĀ® Atom 2-Core - dual-core, dual threaded Intel ATOM x86 CPU consisting a 32-bit Intel Quark Micro-controller running at 100 MHz 

Speed: 500 MHz 

OS: Yocto Linux 1.6 


Storage : 4GB EMMC, MicroSD card(Arduino)

Other Features

WiFi : 802.11 a/b/g/n 

Bluetooth: 4.0 LE 

Ethernet: N/A 

Analog Pins: 6 

Pin Logic: 1.8V

Hence, for Bluetooth or a faster WiFi, the Intel Edison should be your go-to board. Also, it has a higher processing speed with a more powerful CPU and RAM. Plus, it comes with more flexibility as you can use it with Arduino board while prototyping and even with smaller breakout boards while deploying according to the requirement of your applications. So, Intel Edison is definitely the better board in terms of their overall features, which is quite understandable as it is a product of an extra year of research and technological advancements by Intel.

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