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I am relatively new to Tableau and may have encountered some data loss .. but let us proceed to see if there might be some means to salvage the data.

Upon re-loading a workbook after a couple of weeks of non use we can see reference to an Extract load attempt from a temporary (OS/X) location:

enter image description here

Now I had not realized that the Extract was not being saved with the .twb itself - and even less that it was in a transient disk location.

So .. is the data gone? Secondarily - did I miss some step that would nudge me to save the extract to a non-volatile/non-temporary location on disk?

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  • File location of yours shows that you are accessing files from a temporary location and you are loading your workbook after a couple of weeks.

  • So may be your OS deleted your files.

  • Rather than accessing from temporary location, Try to save your files in a safe location.