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What I have? I am having a simple COUNTIF task in Excel

This is the data:

ID   Metric   Scope   DynamicCalc

1    A1       TRUE    X

1    B1       FALSE   X

2    B1       TRUE    X

2    A1       FALSE   X

2    C1       FALSE   X

I am facing issues in replicating the same COUNTIF task in tableau. The column 'DynamicCalc' should have the following values when Metric=A1 is selected: TRUE,TRUE,FALSE,FALSE,FALSE but in case B1 is selected it would be FALSE, FALSE, TRUE, TRUE, TRUE... so basically I want to assign a value of TRUE to the DynamicColumn if there is at least one TRUE in the Scope column to all rows for that ID.

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I'll give you a concise idea on how to create LOD Expression:

Select Analysis > Create Calculated Field.

In the Calculation editor that opens, do the following procedures:

Name the calculation, Sales Per Customer.

Enter the following LOD expression:

{ INCLUDE [Customer Name] : SUM([Sales]) }

When finished, click OK.

The recently created LOD expression is added to the Data pane, under Measures. 

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