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From what I've been reading, Sass is a language that makes CSS more powerful with variable and math support.

What's the difference with SCSS? Is it supposed to be the same language? Similar? Different?

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The full form of SASS is Syntactically Awesome StyleSheets. SASS adds power and elegance to the basic language and it is an extension of CSS. The new name of SASS is SCSS with some changes, but the old one SASS is also there. 

Below is the difference between SCSS or SASS:-enter image description here

Below is the syntactic example of SCSS and SASS respectively:-

$color: red 


 border: 1px solid $color


 background: $color


$color: red; 

@mixin my-border($color) { 

border: 1px solid $color; 

body { 

background: $color; 

@include my-border(green); 


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