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What is the most reliable and efficient way to find all elements having a scroll on a page?

Currently, I'm thinking about using element.all() with filter() comparing the height and scrollHeight attribute values:

element.all(by.xpath("//*")).filter(function (elm) {

    return protractor.promise.all([



    ]).then(function (heights) { 

        return heights[1] > heights[0];



But I'm not sure about the correctness and performance of this approach.

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This works with both horizontal and vertical scrollbars. The trick is detecting both the too-wide/too-short AND if the computed CSS is going to permit you to show a scrollbar.

var ElementsWithScrolls = (function() {

    var getComputedStyle = document.body && document.body.currentStyle ? function(elem) {

        return elem.currentStyle;

    } : function(elem) {

        return document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(elem, null);



    function getActualCss(elem, style) {

        return getComputedStyle(elem)[style];


    function isXScrollable(elem) {

        return elem.offsetWidth < elem.scrollWidth &&

            autoOrScroll(getActualCss(elem, 'overflow-x'));


    function isYScrollable(elem) {

        return elem.offsetHeight < elem.scrollHeight &&

            autoOrScroll(getActualCss(elem, 'overflow-y'));


    function autoOrScroll(text) {

        return text == 'scroll' || text == 'auto';


    function hasScroller(elem) {

        return isYScrollable(elem) || isXScrollable(elem);


    return function ElemenetsWithScrolls() {

        return []'*'), hasScroller);




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