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I have installed the marketing cloud app.

When i tried to connect marketing cloud, I don't know how to create user for same. Here are screen shots where i got stuck.

In first screen when i click on connect to marketing cloud.

enter image description here

Then it redirect me to this next screen.

enter image description here

Now I don't know which username i should enter here.

any help will be appreciated.

Thank you,

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The Marketing Cloud admin follows this process to set up users in Enterprise 2.0 Marketing Cloud accounts for Marketing Cloud Connect.

  1. In Marketing Cloud, navigate to Email Studio.
  2. Click Admin.
  3. Click My Users.
  4. Select the user to connect.
  5. Click Integrate for Salesforce.com Status.
  6. Enter Sales or Service Cloud username.
  7. Save settings.
  8. From My Users, select the user.
  9. Click Manage Roles.
  10. Select the applicable business unit.
  11. Click Edit Roles.
  12. Select the following minimum permissions required for sending through Marketing Cloud Connect:
    • Content Creator
    • Data Manager
    • Marketing Cloud Content Editor/Publisher
  13. Save the roles.
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