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It's widely mentioned that Redis is "Blazing Fast" and MongoDB is fast too. But, I'm having trouble finding actual numbers comparing the results of the two. Given similar configurations, features and operations (and maybe showing how the factor changes with different configurations and operations), etc, is Redis 10x faster? 2x faster? 5x faster?

I'm ONLY speaking of performance. I understand that MongoDB is a different tool and has a richer feature set. This is not the "Is MongoDB better than Redis" debate. I'm asking, by what margin does Redis outperform MongoDB?

At this point, even cheap benchmarks are better than no benchmarks.

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You can use the below-mentioned way:-

Completed mongo_set: 100000 ops in 5.23 seconds : 19134.6 ops/sec 

Completed mongo_get: 100000 ops in 36.98 seconds : 2703.9 ops/sec 

Completed redis_set: 100000 ops in 6.50 seconds : 15389.4 ops/sec 

Completed redis_get: 100000 ops in 5.59 seconds : 17896.3 ops/sec