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 When i am trying to execute command \"mongo\" from the bin folder it gives me an error as attached.Please suggest what needs to be done.

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Please to inform you that after downloading the 'msi' file then you just need to click on install that msi file which will help you to install MongoDB for you, Now after successful installation of MongoDB you need to go to 'c-drive' of your computer and you need to create a folder called 'data' and in that data folder create one more folder called 'db'. once you have done with it open cmd prompt and go to the below address(ie.C:\Program Files\MongoDB\Server\4.2\bin).
Now, run the mongod command if you want to give that config file then you can create under 'C:\Program Files\MongoDB\'. and it will not give you an error then and to check the MongoDB client use 'mongo' command in cmd prompt. That's it it will help you to install MongoDB

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