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I'm trying to query all Opportunities that have a Price that's not a whole number (no decimals) or if its price is not multiple of 10.

Im trying to find prices like: U$S 34,801.23 - U$S 56,103.69 - U$S 50,000.12 etc But not : U$S 49,500.00 - U$S 19,110.00 etc

There are a lot of opportunities in the database, and i can go through them by code but wanted to know if any of you can think of a way to achieve at leaast a part of this by query.

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I actually had the same issue. It seemed like there is a currency setting that is causing this issue.

Want to learn Salesforce from basics! Here's the right video for you on Salesforce provided by Intellipaat:

You can check this at Administrative Setup> Company profile> Manage Currencies.

This will solve your issue.

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