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I see there are several ways we can start hadoop ecosystem,

  1. & Which say it's deprecated use &

  2., and,

  3. namenode/datanode and resourcemanager

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Used to start and stop Hadoop daemons all at once. Issuing it on the master machine will start/stop the daemons on all the nodes of a cluster. Deprecated as you have already noticed., and,  

Same as above but start/stop HDFS and YARN daemons separately on all the nodes from the master machine. It is advisable to use these commands now over & namenode/datanode and resourcemanager  

To start individual daemons on an individual machine manually. You need to go to a particular node and issue these commands.

Use case : Suppose you have added a new DN to your cluster and you need to start the DN daemon only on this machine,

bin/ start datanode

Note : You should have ssh enabled if you want to start all the daemons on all the nodes from one machine.

Hope this answers your query.

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