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What is the SAP MM?

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Hey there!

It's always good to see that you are interested in learning the finest functional module i.e SAP MM. Well, SAP MM is nothing but a central to Manufacturing & Trading Industries, it forms the internal part of the complete Supply Chain Management. SAP MM is built of some core Core functions & some Central functions. In this, core functions are very specific to a particular module. Such as purchasing [Procurement - Sourcing & Supplying of Services/Materials to be procured] is the core component of SAP MM, Inventory Management, Invoice process, Valuation [MM-FI Integrations], are a few special forms of procurement are the business process that exists with SAP MM.

Looking at the growing demand for SAP in the Market, it really makes sense to get certified in this particular domain by the recognized institute. It would hardly cost you some amount, which would, in turn, pay you with valuable knowledge and skill along with good career growth.  Ultimately, it’s all about finding a well-experienced SAP real time trainer or an institute that has such an equipped trainer to learn from the basics to real working time scenarios which would be handy.

Do check out the links given below:


If you are more into reading then check out this SAP material provided by Intellipaat:


It will give you a clear understanding of the course content and practical knowledge with respective profiles like SAP MM End User, Superuser and SAP MM consultant and so on

So, if you have decided to go with SAP MM, then this is the right time to get started with!

Keep researching to go ahead for learning SAP MM!

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