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What is the best combination of sap mm/sd sap mm/pp?

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In SAP, SAP SD i.e. (Sales and Distribution) is one of the largest functional modules. It manages all the processes from an order to delivery. Sales and Distribution (SD) is the core component and most-used modules of SAP R/3 products beside Financial (FI), Material Management (MM), Controlling (CO), and Production Planning (PP) modules.

If you want to learn SAP MM from scratch, then here's the right video for you:

If you are more into reading, then do check out this material provided by Intellipaat:


The main operations which are handled by this module are as follows:
  • Sales Support (SD-CAS)
  • Sales (SD-SLS)
  • Shipping (SD-SHP)
  • Billing (SD-BIL)
  • Sales Information System (SD-IS)
  • Transport (SD-TRA)
  • Export (SD-FTT)

And, Sap Sd Course Contents that you are expected to know is like this:

  • ERP Business Scenario & SAP Products.
  • Job opportunities for SAP SD professionals.
  • SAP Functional Modules.
  • SAP SD, MM, PP, FICO Integration areas.
  • What is R/3 Architecture?
  • How R/3 is superior over R/2?
  • Benefits with R/3.


  • Sales Enquiry
  • Quotation
  • Standard Order
  • Delivery
  • Billing
  • Payments
  • Special SD Business Processes


  • Customer Master Data.
  • Account Groups & Field Selection, number ranges for customers.
  • Material Master Data.
  • Customer/Material Information Record.
  • Condition Master Data.
  • Shared Master Data.


  • Item Category Determination.
  • Schedule line Category Determination.
  • Shipping Point Determination.
  • Picking Location Determination.
  • Blocking Reasons.
  • Order reasons.


  • Overview of Sales Document Structure & their control Tables – Sales, Shipping, Billing.
  • Document Types & their Functionalities – Sales, shipping, Billing.
  • Document Control, Item Category Control & Schedule line Control.


  • Pre – Sales Processing.
  • Outline Agreements Processing.
  • Sales Order Processing.
  • Complaint Processing.
  • Delivery Processing – Picking, affects of PGI.
  • Billing Processing.
  • Copy Control for Sales, Delivery & Billing Documents.


  • Condition Technique
  • Free Goods
  • Pricing Determination.
  • Partner Determination.
  • Material Determination.
  • Listing / Exclusion.
  • Revenue Account Determination.
  • Tax Determination.
  • Output Determination.
  • Text Determination.
  • Free Goods Determination.
  • Availability Check and TOR
  • Transfer of Requirements.
  • Credit Management.
  • Delivery Scheduling & Transportation Scheduling.
  • Route Determination.
  • Incompletion Procedure.
  • atch Management.
  • Rebates.
  • Variant Configuration with Pricing.

ADVANCED TOPICS that you should be knowing is:

  • Intercompany Business processing.
  • Third-party order processing.
  • Cross Company stock processing.
  • Bill of Material.
  • Backorder processing.
  • Rescheduling processing.
  • Individual purchase order
  • Batch Management.
  • Rebate processing.

SAP METHODOLOGY- topics are as follows:

  • ASAP methodology.
  • ASAP project Documents.
  • Deliverables in ASAP.
  • SD with FICO,
  • SD with PP
  • SD with MM
  • Case Studies & Projects Experiences


On the other hand, SAP Production Planning is one of the key modules in ERP and deals with planning processes, such as capacity planning, execution of production order, material planning, bill of material and goods movement, etc. 

Course Content, that you should focus on are as follows:

1. PP- Master Data Set-Up:

  • BOM
  • Work Center
  • Routing
  • SAP Tables

2. For MRP:

  • MRP Views
  • Lot Sizing Procedures
  • Procurement Proposals
  • Evaluation of MRP Results
  • Tables in MRP

3. For Discrete Manufacturing:

  • Planned Orders
  • Production orders
  • Order Types
  • Scheduling
  • Goods Issue
  • Goods Receipts
  • Status Profile

4.For Repetitive Manufacturing:

  • Production Versions
  • Planning Table
  • Backflushing

5.For Sales and Operational Planning :

  • Sales Forecast
  • Production Plan
  • Demand Management

6. For Planning strategies:

  • Planning with final assembly
  • Planning without final assembly
  • Planning at assembly level
  • Net Requirements planning
  • Gross requirements planning
  • Make to order strategy

7. For KANBAN:

  • Supply Area
  • Kanban Board
  • Supply Source
  • Demand Source

8. For Functional SPEC:

  • How to create a functional spec with real-time examples
  • Extracting data from Tables

9. Finally, an overview of PP Configuration

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