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Can you suggest the best books for SAP MM for a beginner?

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SAP is definitely a giant Software, as big as an ocean, so even if you spend your whole lifetime to learn SAP but still, you cannot finish it completely. So, you won't be able to transform yourself from a fresher to an expert SAP Consultant in overnight for sure. It needs a significant amount of dedication, commitment, effort and ability to become a reliable SAP Consultant.

Want to learn SAP MM from scratch, then here's the right video for you:

And, If you are more into reading, then do check out this material provided by Intellipaat:


Ultimately, it's all about finding a well-experienced SAP  institute that has an equipped trainer to learn from the basics to real working time scenarios which would be handy. Then you can also go for materials it will be fine. On growing demand for SAP Market, thousands of Institutes offering, which could be illegal and the quality may not be guaranteed.

Well, SAP MM is an important part of the Logistics Area and the finest functional module in SAP ERP, I hope you doing research to get the start.

SAP MM is central to Manufacturing & Trading Industries, it forms the internal part of the complete Supply Chain Management. SAP MM has some core Core functions & some Central functions. Core functions are specific to a specific module. Purchasing [Procurement - Sourcing & Supplying of Materials/Services to be procured] is the core of SAP MM, Inventory Management, Valuation [MM-FI Integrations], Invoice process, Special form of procurement are the business process relies on SAP MM.

And, you cannot transform yourself into an SAP MM Consultant over a day, it needs consistent efforts in many behaviors like below:

  • Mapping business requirement to SAP capability
  • Knowledge of SAP module (i.e. MM) both on transaction and configuration (but not only this). you need to learn how to build test scenarios, train users, know integration considerations like cross-functional modules like MM-D, MM-FI, MM-PP, etc.

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