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What is the difference between SAP MM and SAP SCM (supply chain management)?

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So, SAP SCM will enable you for:

  • Increasing the demand accuracy and order fulfillment satisfaction levels
  • Reducing inventory levels and for increasing inventory turns across the network
  • Increasing productivity and profitability
  • Integrating operations planning and sales process

SAP SCM covers other logistic areas. On the other hand, SAP MM which can be used to model existing supply chain, forecast, set goals, optimize, and schedule time, materials, and other resources with the planning activities like:

  • Key Planning Benefits of SAP Supply Chain Management
  • Demand planning and forecasting
  • Safety stock planning
  • Distribution planning
  • Supply network planning
  • Strategic supply chain design

If you want to learn SAP MM from scratch, then here's the right video for you:

If you are more into reading, then do check out this SAP Logistics learning material provided by Intellipaat.

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