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What is the future of artificial intelligence?

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As we know AI is the most compelling as well as fast-developing technology all over the world. It is a booming technological elevation, from software’s like Alexa, to basic human command system. The future of artificial intelligence is more interesting than ever. People seem to have indulged in this debate for years now. Some say robots are the future and they will replicate humans entirely. Another theory is a human dependency on this sector will increase manifold. However, one thing is for sure, artificial intelligence is advancing faster than ever, and no one knows what might come next. 

You can refer to the following video which will tell you what Jeff Bezos talks about the future of AI and how it is going to change our lives forever: 

And if you want to explore more then you can take up the following Artificial Intelligence Course which will teach you AI from scratch and also provides hands-on projects.

And if you are more into videos then refer the following video tutorial:

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