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What do you mean by ABAP on HANA?

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ABAP (Development) for SAP HANA refers to all developments that leverage the facility of SAP HANA in ABAP-based applications. ... The introduction of the SAP HANA platform into ABAPuniverse has changed the paradigm of application programming. In this context, the SAP HANA platform is that the main database on which the ABAP platform relies. This system implementation choice is compatible with AS ABAP 7.4 and higher.

SAP ABAP On Hana is an integrated answer for business applications. Simply, ABAP On Hana is that the administration of the SAP system. It is an intermediate software that links the application to the database and the OS. SAP ABAP in HANA is often related to the SAP user interface, and also the administrator is an SAP skilled responsible for configuring the SAP environment, together with SAP GUI screens and application servers.

Benefits of SAP ABAP on Hana

SAP HANA is an ABAP-independent platform used for high-performance, high-volume data analysis. SAP HANA works with the SAP HANA database, which relies on memory technology.

AS ABAP can access the SAP HANA database of an independent SAP HANA device (hardware system and combination software) through a connection to a secondary database and, for example, ADBC. Several tools and accelerators are available to replicate data from the ABAP AS database to the SAP HANA database for high-performance analysis.

In addition, an SAP HANA database is often enforced as the central database of an AS ABAP. The tables within the database and alternative AS ABAP objects managed within the ABAP dictionary are registered within the ABAP database schema. As usual, database tables of this sort are accessible via Open SQL or Native SQL. For ABAP programs, the SAP HANA databases behave in this case in the same way as a traditional relational database. All HANA specific functions are encapsulated in the database interface and access is maximized to the maximum.

To take full advantage of the memory properties of the SAP HANA database, you must pass the application logic appropriately from the application server to the SAP HANA database. This can be done, for example, by using properly programmed unions or by using SQL expressions in Open SQL or ABAP CDS. If the ways anchored in Open SQL or ABAP CDS aren't enough, a part of the application logic should be programmed into SAP HANA Studio within the SAP HANA database itself.

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