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What is the difference between S4 HANA logistic and SAP mm, SAP SD?

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First, let's perceive SAP SD and MM area unit 2 separate modules, mm Stands for material management, the corporate use this module for complete inventory management.

SD stands for sales and distribution, as the name suggests it is used to bring automation in the sales and distribution process.

Now let's observe HANA. It stands for high availability of Network Appliance. HANA WAS abbreviation of this long name. HANA has primarily invented a new approach of storing data in Memory of systems itself and in column format, to attain quicker retrieval of data by the user of SAP ERP. There are certain SAP Certified vendors like Dell, HP. They provide HANA Server, where the size of RAM WOULD BE a minimum of 64 GB, the company needs to buy in multiples of 64 GB RAM.

Since SAP HANA became popular, SAP named it's ERP also as SAP HANA ERP, although it's the database and in-memory storage of information makes it HANA.

Conclusion: so for functional consultants, there is no difference in SAP HANA MM or old term MM.

If you planning to get trained in any of these modules, then for your convenience I’ll the some of the links for respective courses:

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SAP MM certification

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