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What is the difference between QTP and Selenium automated tools?

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The difference between Selenium and QTP are as follows:-


  1. For browser-based testing, Selenium can very well be used.

  2. There is an open-source tool  Iris which does not cost anything.

  3. You must need to have programming skills for using selenium.

  4. You need quite a bit of expertise to learn Selenium.

  5. Selenium does not come powered with several add-ins which you will get in QTP.


  1. QTP is ideally suited for browser-based testing.

  2. QTP has licensed therefore costs are quite a bit.

  3. It is quite easy to learn and use when compared to selenium.

  4. QTP comes powered with several add-ins and hence can work seamlessly with Web, Windows, Java and Dotnet application simultaneously.

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