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What are the advantages of Selenium? Why should testers opt for Selenium and not QTP?

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I am mentioning the benefits of Selenium below, which are self-explanatory when compared with UFT / QTP:- 


  • Selenium is an open-source tool.

  • Selenium supports cross-browser and cross-platform testing.

  • The configuration of the Selenium WebDriver is very easy. You just need to import its libraries.

  • Selenium communicates directly with browsers in the browser’s native language.

  • There are many programming languages which are supported by Selenium such as Java, C#, Python, Ruby, Perl, PHP, and Javascript.

  • A separate class for different browsers for a better organization than RC.

  • Selenium supports automating only Web Application Under Test (WAUT). Automating desktop applications are not supported.

  • AutoIt can work with Selenium to automate interactions with Windows GUI.

  • With Selenium, you can easily build Data Driven and Keyword Driven automation framework.

  • Selenium WebDriver runs faster than Selenium RC.

  • It supports executing test on headless browsers.

  • Selenium also supports iOS and Android platform.

Talking about, QTP:

  • Its is just a commercial tool, which is not free.

  • QTP uses only one language that is VBScript.

  • It only Windows platform.

Although there are many other advantages of using UFT when compared to Selenium, Selenium wins the race. You can read the following Selenium Tutorial to learn more about it.


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