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Should I learn SAP HANA?

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I will advise before starting to go through some of the videos available on youtube and see if you are interested in it. I will suggest you to mention if there is any specific module that you want to get into and master it or the whole package like SAP-MM, SAP-SD, etc. So, if I talk about SAP S4HANA Finance which is the newly created SAP software which helps organizations in generating and maintaining their transactional data. Also, it is built on the SAP HANA in-memory platform it allows in instant insights(data-analysis) with the data being collected from various systems. Its FIORI leverages you from memorizing the Tcodes and perform all the functions that were performed using SAP GUI using specific apps. So, there will always be the demand for SAP S4 HANA Finance, SAP_FICO, SAP_SD, SAP_PP, SAP_MM consultants so, you have to not worry about the job-opportunity, but getting trained in SAP requires years of study and experience. So, it depends on you and your interest, you can get certified in any of the modules you like. This will add value to your resume and thus, will act as proof of your skill in the interview.

For further knowledge in SAP HANA, go through the SAP HANA certification course online

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