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How do you differentiate SAP HANA Cloud Platform from SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud?

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Hana Cloud Public platform:

This is a public cloud providing on the market through SAP as well as some other corporations (e.g. Amazon.). You can simply go on the sites, create your account and begin with a recent instance of Hana.


1. Quick, easy set up in minutes

2. Low monthly costs

3. Great for standalone applications/development

4. Scalable

5. numerous choices out there - Infrastructure only, infra + License, PaaS, third party providers etc.

6. Good for trials


1. These are primarily for standalone applications.

2. SAP doesn't directly assist you with connecting the Hana instance along with your on-premise systems, does not facilitate with any data loads etc.

3. Out of your company's firewall/network.

4. Not easy integration with your organization's systems (e.g. SSO, Security, etc)

SAP Hana Enterprise Cloud:

This is an Enterprise SAP HANA managed cloud providing. Includes Infrastructure + Managed Services on a monthly subscription.


1. SAP support with setting up and connect with your organization

2. although it's cloud, SAP provides a dedicated server for your organization which can be custom-built as required

3. Can be configured to act as if the inside firewall

4. Push / Pull possible (depending on security requirements)

5. Customizable hardware


1. Costly (by an order of magnitude)

2. Not really a 'cloud' (more like IaaS)

3. More time required to set up

Coming back to your question - for your mission-critical application - the selection can depend upon your necessities, who is the end-user / customer of the application and integration required with different systems (mission-critical and standalone do not go well along in my experience). It will also depend upon the sort of accessibility you wish for your end-users, kind of authentication mechanism and turnaround.

Just going by the word 'Mission Critical', I might go with SAP HEC.

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