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Which certification is better, SAP FI or SAP Simple Finance?

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I would recommend SAP FICO certification because the term suggests upgrades finance management in enterprises. Finance is the most crucial part of every business and this aims at the proper management of finance. It becomes stressful and complicated to manage the whole financial accounting part by man-power. Therefore, the SAP FI module has emerged as a popular module with success implemented in organizations. SAP financial accounting module comes with a package that helps organizations in handling financial needs and accounting activities. It permits one to review the financial status of an organization in the real-time market.

Popular components that comprise the FI module are:

· Accounts Receivable

· Accounts Payable

· Asset Accounting

· Account Consolidation

· General Ledgers

SAP FI implementation involves SAP FI configuration. The business manager will configure SAP FI users when setting up a few primary configurations. These configurations are typically done by the business manager aligning with consumer, company, business area configurations and more. Thereafter, right from master knowledge to financial statements is migrated to the SAP FI system for driving the best out of organized financial management system. The requirements for SAP FI configuration are a chart of accounts, year variants and currencies. Once the configuration is completed, the document posting can automatically be posted thenceforth. Enterprises are able to view their real-time financial standing. This enables enterprises to keep track of every financial transaction and helps in finance reporting at the end of the fiscal year.

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