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There are many useful yet free resources like tutorials and blogs in a sequential manner to help you learn SAP HANA at your pace.Some of the links I’d mention here:

SAP HANA Tutorial: https://intellipaat.com/blog/tutorial/sap-hana-tutorial/

Go with some books or pdfs: https://sapbrainsonline.com/help/sap-hana-tutorial.html/2


Once you are well equipped with Theoretical knowledge to go with some hands-on:

Thereafter when theory and practise is on tips, refer to the interview questions: https://intellipaat.com/blog/interview-question/sap-hana-interview-questions/

Note: this only gives an idea of the type of questions that you may face in your interview.

Moving on, if you feel to add one more feather in your cap, enrol yourself in an end-to-end certification training to get certified. The certification adds value to your resume. For that check out this link as well: https://intellipaat.com/sap-hana-training/

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