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How difficult is it to learn SAP FICO, for someone who has 2-3 years of working experience in Accounts with Tally and Excel?

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If you wish to learn SAP FICO as a user then it's really easy and your previous expertise can assist you however if you are talking about consultant then the story is totally different.

First of all end-user work and consultant work is completely completely different and if you're willing to enter in consultancy then you wish to understand the total business method from bottom to top. There is so much in the SAP FICO course that one can not master all these in 1 or 2 years. you need to understand about traditional accounting to the month ending closure, cost accounting, employee payroll, reimbursement, taxes and all.

FI & CO, both are different modules. FI represents the finance and CO represents controlling. Many institutes can tell you that they'll teach you FICO however they solely teach you FI and not Co or they'll teach such a lot less in CO that it won’t be helpful for you. So raise them 1st that you will learn CO.

There is a too long and complex method concerned for each method of accounting. Getting employment as a fresher in SAP is additionally tough. It is tough in every prospect but not impossible.

So if you have got determined to learn SAP then do your best and please focus on controlling part because there are not several controlling consultants and it'll assist you in getting a job and on promotions as well.

This is regarding SAP and now about your career as a SAP Fico consultant.

Nowadays most massive companies have SAP already installed thus you won’t get a probability to work in a new project and implement this in any company so currently only 1 option is left and that is support.

In support, some time feels so boring and only 1 in 50 people get a chance to get really challenging work. You know nobody pays for boring work, therefore, the golden era of SAP is already passed and coming future is additionally for SAP however this time it'll HANA. So learn simple finance if you actually wish to come in this field.

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