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SAP Financial Accounting (FI)

SAP FI certification for those who are simply interested in SAP FI (Financial Accounting) and SAP certification.

SAP FI module as the term implies deals in managing financial transactions within corporations. This financial accounting module helps staff to handle data involved in any financial and business transactions in a centralized system. This module works very well for reporting requirements. The SAP FI module is extremely manageable and works well in any sort of economic condition. Be it a small business or a larger organization; SAP implementation helps in consolidating information for diverse business transactions and legal requirements. Financial Accounting module helps one to understand the real-time financial position of an organization in the market. SAP FI combines with other SAP modules such as SAP mm, SAP SD, SAP PP, Payroll and more for excellent work outcomes.

SAP Management Accounting / Controlling (CO)

SAP CO Certification is created to evaluate the knowledge of individuals in the SAP CO module. SAP CO stands for SAP controlling and is one in all the basic modules in any SAP ERP configuration. SAP Controlling(CO) is also known as Management Accounting.

SAP CO module is another important SAP modules offered to businesses. The controlling module maintains the process works of devising, reporting and controlling operations of companies. It contains strategies to examine and organize expenses that are needed for financial reporting. The controlling module enables one to plan, track, execute and record regarding costs. Controlling includes managing and configuring master data that covers cost elements, cost centers, profit centers, internal orders, and functional area and so on.

Taking up an SAP FICO certification is the initial step towards establishing a career as an SAP FICO consultant. The distinct parts of the SAP FI and SAP CO modules are crucial to developing the skill sets of an SAP FICO consultant or professional.

Targeted Audience for SAP FICO Certification:

SAP FICO certification is very appropriate for a large variety of professionals either seeking to or already are within the IT and Finance field, such as:

  • Data analysts

  • IT developers and testers

  • Data scientists

  • Project managers

  • Analytics professionals, professionals desirous  of excelling within the fields of accounting and finance

  • BI and reporting professionals

Professionals seeking a career in increasing and difficult fields of real-time huge data analytics

Popular segments of SAP FICO module are General ledgers, Account consolidation, assets, Accounts owed and quality Accounting. SAP FICO configuration plays a major half in SAP FICO implementation.

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