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SAP mm is named the SAP Material Management system. The role of SAP millimeter in business processes is as follows:

A business process in SAP is termed a “module”.

SAP Materials Management (MM) is a component of the logistics business and helps manage the purchasing activity of a company from purchasing.

It supports all aspects of material management (planning, control, etc.).

It is the backbone of the provision space which incorporates modules like sales and distribution, production coming up with, plant maintenance, project systems and warehouse management, that are extraordinarily hooked in to the module. materials management.

Characteristics of SAP MM

The options of the SAP mm system are as follows:

SAP mm is one amongst the SAP modules handling material and inventory management.

The materiel management process ensures there is never a shortage of materials or gaps in the organization’s supply chain process. SAP mm speeds up purchasing and materials management activities, creating it easier to manage the business during a timely and economical manner.

It is regarding managing the materials resources (products and / or services) of a company so as to accelerate productivity, cut back prices and improve enhancements and, at the same time, adapt to changes in everyday life.

It covers the procurance method, basic knowledge (material and supplier data), item identification and analysis, inventory management, invoice verification, material needs coming up with. etc.SAP MM

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