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Who can learn SAP ABAP on HANA? Which field students can learn SAP ABAP on HANA?

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Anyone who is willing to learn will teach themselves SAP ABAP on HANA and many other SAP-related skills. All the required resources are obtainable, most of them for free.

All you would like in terms of computing resources is either a portable computer to install a free ABAP server or the budget to run this server within the Amazon or Microsoft cloud for a few dozen hours. Check Resources for SAP Developers | SAP HANA certification course details for elaborated data.

ABAP books for self-study are offered by many publishers. I have co-authored two of them (search for “Franz ABAP” on Amazon), and there are many others that may be suitable for you depending on your background.

Plenty of tips, tricks, insights, opinions, questions and answers, and hands-on tutorials are available on the SAP community site at SAP Community | SAP. If you contribute and share what you learn along the way, you can become part of a global network of amazing people and build your reputation as a professional.

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