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Eternity. however in all probability you don’t have that abundant time and that I don't suppose you were searching for that answer.

Some smart answers here however i would like to mention, learning ABAP depends on many factors:

As others have mentioned, if you know SQL then you can learn it pretty easily. You can in all probability begin programming during a week time however if order to be productive during a project would require around a month at least (with constant supervision).

It additionally depends on your exposure to SAP or other ERP. This exposure will assist you to grasp several things like what's SAP GUI, what are transactions, how data is stored and these things.

The main challenge with SAP ABAP is that there are {so several|numerous|such a big amount of such a large amount of|such a lot of} inherent options approximately many genus Apis in type of knowledge components, domains, function modules, classes, smart form, PDF forms.

SAP ABAP is evolving at a really fast pace. With HANA, currently, a great deal of writing is done using CDS views and Java Scripts. If you recognize Java, it could help you in multiple ways.

You also ought to perceive that SAP continually attempt to scale back the writing effort of the ABAPers and principally during a project 90–95% of the programs to be used are standard one only.

So, if you begin new, I mIght counsel, begin learning very keenly and take a look at to grasp the premise RICEF work so take one and take a look at to manoeuvre your information to advanced level so take the opposite part.

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