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Hi, See below questions for preparation....

    1. What is web dynpro for ABAP ?

    2. what is the event that will be triggered first in an ABAP report?

    3. What are the differences between simple and interactive ABAP reports?

    4. Types of ABAP reports in SAP?

    5. What is types statement in SAP ABAP programing ?

    6. How do you read data from database table in SAP ABAP ?

    7. What is difference between append and insert statements in SAP ABAP ?

    8. What is foreign key relationship?

    9. Describe data classes in SAP ?

    10. What are indexes in SAP tables?

    11. How many lists can be displayed through an interactive report?

    12. what are the events in interactive reporting?

    13. What is the length of function code at user-command?

    14. What is an ABAP data dictionary?

    15. What are domains and data element?

    16. When you prefer LSMW in SAP?

    17. Difference between .include and .append?

    18. How to debug sapscript ?

    19. Difference between transparent tables and pooled tables?

    20. What is an ABAP/4 Query in SAP?

    21. What is BDC programming ?

    22. What are internal tables?

    23. What are the components of SAP scripts?

    24. Can we write the code both call transaction and session method in single       program?

    25. Which BDC technique you prefer?

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