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What are the maximum opportunities of shifting a job from SAP FI end user to SAP FICO consultants?

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If somebody has worked as an SAP user, he/she is already in an advantageous position. As an End User, you are already well versed in Business processes like R2R ( Record to Report), P2P (Procure to Pay), O2C (Order to Cash). Also, having knowledge of SAP Platform and familiarity with SAP’s easy access screen, posting translations and Analysis of Reports gives an extra edge to your new role as SAP FICO Consultant.

Now it's become terribly easy to upgrade from User to Development or configuration. Like SAP FICO End-user, an SAP adviser additionally needs to do a lot of similar work. For example, understanding the Business requirements, doing the same in system configuration (Back-end settings) and to do the testing before delivering to the business.

In short, I can say, having an experience of SAP FI end-user is the best background to become SAP FICO consultant.

It would help you to beg a decent job and industry. Later on in the career, you can move ahead and go for an S4 HANA Finance consultant. Complete your SAP FICO training today to become an SAP consultant.

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